Washington State Reopening and Mask Policy

Dear Hospitality House community,

Yesterday we were all elated to hear the news about Washington State reopening! After over a year of lockdowns and restrictions, this is a big step forward. Although we have reached a substantial percentage of fully vaccinated residents in the state, the pandemic has not gone away.

Public Health has directed homeless service providers to maintain their mask policies. As a result, Hospitality House will continue to enforce mask-wearing for all visitors, this includes office and overnight volunteers regardless of vaccination status.

Hospitality House works with a vulnerable population of homeless women. Where many of us can social distance and can keep our surroundings clean, the women we work with have less control over their environments and often come from congregate settings where proper mask-wearing and hygiene practices are not always up to standard.

We thank you all for your understanding as we work to protect the women that we serve. We hear time and again how grateful our women are for the staff and volunteers of Hospitality House, and our residents are deeply touched by how they are supported by those who do not even know them.

Thank you again for all of your support, the Hospitality House community is truly amazing.


Hospitality House Staff