Staff & Leadership

Our Staff

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Meal Coordinators

  • Priscilla Stephenson coordinating for Lake Burien Presbyterian Church
  • Alice McGregor coordinating for Normandy Park Congregational UCC
  • Erin Ray coordinating for John Knox Presbyterian Church
  • Eileen Severns coordinating for Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
  • Barbara Campbell coordinating for Des Moines United Methodist Church
  • Linda Stryker coordinating for St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
  • Jan Johnson coordinating for Normandy Park Church of Latter Day Saints
  • Kathy Linnell coordinating for Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Emiko Phillips coordinating for St. Bernadette Catholic Church
  • Maureen & Mike Fay coordinating for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
  • Michele Thompson coordinating for Southminster Presbyterian Church
  • Danielle Butz coordinating for St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church
  • Debby Latham-Skagen coordinating for Soroptimists

Board of Directors

  • Terry Halvorson representing St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
  • Barbara Atkinson representing Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
  • Nadine Onstot representing Southminster Presbyterian Church
  • Jane Lindley representing the Community at Large
  • Jana Buss representing the Community at Large
  • Cheryl Forbes representing Des Moines United Methodist Church
  • Joan Brown representing John Knox Presbyterian Church
  • Emi Knowlton representing the Community at Large
  • Eldean Montgomery  representing the Community at Large
  • Carla Boutwell representing the Community at Large
  • Terri Hewitt representing Lake Burien Presbyterian Church

We are currently recruiting board members. If you have an interest to serve please contact us 

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Board Member Duties