The 90 Day Program

The Hospitality House shelter program includes an intense 90 day program plan that allows our clients to have a home while they work to overcome the circumstances around their temporary homelessness. Basic services include immediate shelter, meals, and case management to assess needs, remove barriers, and assist in securing stable housing.   Residents may have need for a number of services including health care, day services, employment preparation and support, treatment for mental health or substance abuse, counseling, assistance with acquiring clothing and furnishings, and other services specific to each individual case plan.

Shelter, meals, case management, and access to a visiting nurse are provided on-site.  Case Managers help each resident identify her needs and together they work to develop an individual case plan that includes goals and timelines to complete during the three month stay at Hospitality House.  In addition to the creation of a stability plan, the Case Manager helps the resident explore permanent housing options and encourages the search for housing as a priority.  Case Managers work with the resident to determine needed resources, help them make phone calls and compose written requests, make referrals to vendors for needed services, provide assistance with transportation to and from off-site services, and generally help residents develop relationships to navigate the ongoing process of moving from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

On an ongoing basis, residents are provided with programming in areas such as life skills, money management, resume writing, vocational opportunities and health and diet skills.  Due to relationships we have developed with businesses and individuals in the surrounding area, Hospitality House is able to offer skill-building workshops featuring local professionals such as nurses and financial consultants.  A variety of outstanding guest speakers and care services providers from local communities volunteer their time, talent and services to inform, inspire and pamper our residents every week. Many have committed to an ongoing schedule of involvement geared toward improving health and life skills.

If you are interested in being a part of these workshops by sharing your expertise, please contact Executive Director, Sheenah Randolph .

Women may reside for up to 90 days at the Hospitality House, though an extension may be possible depending on individual circumstances and case plans recommended by case managers who may be working with the resident on a range of issues to removing barriers to reestablishing stable housing.

To see the criteria for being accepted as a resident at Hospitality House,
Shelter Criteria