Mother’s Day: Tears of Joy

Mother’s Day just wasn’t the same this year. There were no warm hugs, family gatherings or special dinners out. Rather, we blew Mother’s Day kisses from the other side of pane glass windows or sent our love through virtual Zoom or Facetime visits. The entire community was separated by a virus that had paralyzed an entire planet: Covid-19. Now in its 111th day here in Washington State. Just one more bump in the road to homelessness. Just one more loss of control.

For the nine homeless women sheltering in place at Hospitality House, Mother’s Day 2020 was especially non-eventful. One gal was sitting at her sewing machine, making face masks for whoever needed one. Another was searching the internet for leads on affordable housing. Others were completing their assigned House chores—unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, disinfecting countertops and all touchable surfaces. It was just another day in the Life of Covid-19.

Then came a special invitation to the courtyard, where staff and ladies from the Thursday morning Bible Study groups at John Knox Presbyterian Church had provided a lavish Mother’s Day Brunch. There was sparkling cider, mini zucchini quiches, pasta salad, cranberry-orange scones—and incredible mini Italian cheesecakes atop an orange shortbread crust, filled with roasted strawberry sauce and finished with a fresh strawberry slice and an edible gold leaf. Wow!

“This is one Mother’s Day I will never forget. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness.’ ~ Jennifer

“Your kindness has meant more than you’ll ever know. At this time of transition and quarantine it’s nice to know that I am not alone.” ~ Katie

Brunch was just the beginning. Knowing that housing and employment plans are best executed when a client’s physical and emotional needs are being nourished, the gals from John Knox Church also filled colorful bags with gifts for the mind, body and heart—from coloring books, journals and movie passes to cosmetics, eye masks and sleepy time tea.

When Hospitality House Executive Director Sheenah Randolph was asked how the brunch went, she merely replied: “They cried tears of joy.”

Hospitality House is so grateful for John Knox Church for making Mother’s Day special for the women staying with us this year.