Maggie’s Donation


Maggie Fry and her first place ribbon

As a mother, Julie Fry has a lot to be proud of.  Her daughter, Maggie, (age 9) recently made a $130 contribution to Hospitality House.  Maggie first became interested in helping the homeless last summer.  Julie explained, “Whenever Maggie sees homeless people, she wants to give money and food.”

Julie organized a tour of Hospitality House for Maggie’s Girl Scout troop in mid-January.  The troop brought our ladies packed lunches, purses filled with things the ladies might find handy and other donations.

Shortly after the tour of Hospitality House, the Fry family took a trip to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate Maggie’s and her brother Adam’s (age 7) birthday in lieu of a party with friends. After the trip, Julie asked her daughter if she liked her birthday. Maggie said, “I’m a little sad because what I really wanted was money to give the homeless shelter.”

Julie suggested they invite Maggie’s Girl Scout friends over for birthday cake and request a donation for Hospitality House rather than a gift.  The party raised $103!  Adam was with his sister’s Girl Scout troop when they toured Hospitality House and he decided he wanted to help too.  Adam donated $27 which was all the paper money he had in his piggy bank.  Adam told his mom, “I hope the money can give the women a new life.”

Maggie presented her donation to the Executive Director, Natalie Reber, in early February.  Julie asked Maggie how she felt after giving the donation.  Maggie said, “I feel like I won the lottery.”

Hospitality House thanks Maggie for her generosity and passion for helping the homeless! 

Maggie and Adam

Maggie and Adam with their generous donation to Hospitality House