Employee Spotlight: Randi Kemp


A covenant with the community that Hospitality House has continuously honored is to provide overnight supervision of shelter residents.  Randi Kemp has filled the very critical Overnight Manager position for nearly two years while currently enrolled in Oregon State University where she is working toward a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences.

Randi is a life-long Washington resident and grew up in the Seward Park neighborhood of Seattle.  She received an Associate of Arts Degree in the early learning program at Renton Technical College.  Before coming to Hospitality House, Randi worked primarily in the child care field in various settings such as after school programs, in home day care centers, community centers and center based learning programs. She also worked with at risk children and youth in the foster care system as a Case Aide and as a Residential Support Interventionist in group homes.

Randi worked briefly at another homeless shelter which she enjoyed.  She found that her experience working with at risk and vulnerable children and youth provided her with transferable skills that proved to be useful with the homeless population.  When searching job postings, she learned about Hospitality House’s Overnight Manager position which she applied for and was hired.

Randi shared that the most rewarding part of her job is when a client moves on from Hospitality House, from homelessness, to long term stability.  But the most challenging part of working for Hospitality House for Randi is being a compassionate and accepting listener without being overly empathetic or sympathetic.  It is sometimes difficult to maintain a professional demeanor when learning of the hardships and barriers that the clients face every day and when listening to the stories that led some into homelessness.

Randi’s hope is that now and in the future, Hospitality House will continue to support women in their journey to stability and that it will have the resources to serve as many women as possible.   Randi’s personal goals include furthering her knowledge of case management principles, applying for and attending graduate school, and continuing to have an impact on the women while being an asset to the team at Hospitality House.