Client success stories – Eva*

Our success story that we’re sharing today has to do with safety nets – how we at Hospitality House help create them for our clients, so that they can focus on their immediate needs, and not feel so bogged down trying to juggle them all at once.

When Eva* came to Hospitality House, she had been homeless multiple times over the last two years.  Eva lost her long-term job in 2015 and relocated to the Seattle area.  Finding employment took longer than Eva anticipated and she became stuck in a circle of temp work.  Without permanent full-time work, Eva wasn’t able to find permanent housing. Without temp work, Eva was not able to maintain a weekly motel rental.

At intake, Eva reported she had two interviews in the upcoming week.  She explained that not having the burden of paying for housing allowed her to schedule time off from her temp position.  Eva received permanent, full-time offers from both companies.  She settled with the company which offered the most overtime and opportunity to advance.

Eva worked closely with her case manager to find housing. Initially, Eva focused on apartment rentals but ultimately decided on a room rental. Eva thought it was important to save money and create a safety net for herself.  Eva said, “Don’t get me wrong I like Hospitality House, especially the food, but I don’t want to come back unless it’s to volunteer.”

We wish Eva all the success and hope she will return, this time as a volunteer!

*name changed for privacy.