Client Story: Tracy

Tracy came to HH after she and her husband were evicted from their apartment.  Tracy lost her job due to health issues and both incomes were needed to maintain housing. Tracy had recently begun a new temp position but it wasn’t in enough time.

Tracy held a warehouse position over the holiday season.  She worked over 50 hours a week due to mandatory overtime. Tracy has a diagnosed back issue and this was a physically demanding position.  She would often come in hunched over and proudly boast, “I worked 13 hours today. I’m sore, tired, need my heating pad but it’s worth it.”  Tracy had a budget, established payment plans for past due bills, and held herself accountable for it.  Almost every payday she gave an update on how many payments were left on different bills.

In mid-January, Tracy was made a permanent employee. She explained she knew, if she just worked hard something would happen.  She was right.  Tracy and her husband have rented an apartment together.