March Donations Needed 2022

A common compliment to hear is that homeless individuals are so strong and courageous. It’s true, they accomplish so much with so little. They push on when they’re exhausted and keep fighting. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if they didn’t have to be strong or fight? If systems didn’t fail them, if abusers faced justice, if mental health issues were addressed differently, if dollars stretched just a little further?

Hospitality House aims to be a place where our residents don’t have to be tough or courageous. Our ladies are welcome to share their fears with us, to cry, laugh, build trust and tear down walls. Sometimes we forget how exhausting it feels when you have to be strong and there’s no other choice. I’m sure many of us have heard that you can’t pour from an empty cup, but that’s precisely what homeless individuals manage to do-they push and they try and they pour from their cups to get a single ounce of relief.

You, our donors, help so much in refilling those cups. You give these women a chance to rest, and a safe space to just exist. Thank you for allowing our women to be something other than strong or courageous. Thank you for letting them be who they are, and supporting them so they can simply be.

Below you’ll see the list of donations needed for March. If you feel compelled to help our present and future residents, please feel free to shop our Amazon wishlist or your favorite retailer, you can even have your items delivered directly to us so you don’t have to leave home.

If you’d like to gift Hospitality House with a little extra at no cost to you, you can make purchases through and select Hospitality House as your chosen organization. Find out more here.