September 2023 Donations Needed

As Summer winds down and many of us still have that post-vacation excitement, it’s a good time to think about just how wonderful it is to return to your own home after a trip. Your blankets, your couch the rest of your clothes that didn’t quite fit in your carry on-they can all bring so much comfort!

Many of the items you can donate to Hospitality House residents can provide that comfort. While residency here is temporary, you can provide her favorite haircare product, her own brand new eyeliner, her favorite coffee creamer. It’s so special to be able to offer these items and so much more to residents who are in need of just a bit of home.

Our Amazon Wishlist is updated to reflect these needs, and we hope you’ll consider donating this month!

August 2023 Donations Needed

Without your year-round support, we can’t stand to think of basics our residents might have to go without. Can you imagine not having a supply of toilet paper at home? New underwear? A charger for your work phone, the right products for your hair? All of these and so much more are provided by you, caring community members who strive to make life just a bit easier for our residents-and we can’t say thank you enough!

June 2023 Donations Needed

Happy Summer! We’ve made an update to this month’s list and added a QR code-scan it with your smartphone and it will take you right to our Amazon Wish List-how easy! Your donations help meet our resident’s basic needs, and show them their community is here to lift them up. Thank you for taking the time to be part of that!

You can also download a copy of this month’s list below:

May 2023 Donations Needed

Happy May! This month and always, we honor those who commit to sharing their strength, energy, time, and resources to our residents. To our supporters who are Mothers, thank you for making space in your lives for Hospitality House.

“Friends. Sisters. Mothers. Professors. When women affirm women, it unlocks our power. It gives us permission to shine brighter,” -Elaine Welteroth

Many of our residents are mothers themselves, and are in need of support. Please take the time to visit our Amazon Wish List and consider lending a hand up to our residents to help them shine brighter!

March 2023 Donations Needed

Winter is almost over, so now begins our shift to some springtime needs! Please check out our Amazon Wish List and see if there are any needs YOU can help us meet!

February 2023 Donations Needed

It’s February! It would mean so much to us if you’d be our valentine and show our residents even more love this month. Please visit our Amazon Wishlist and check our our Donations Needed list for updated house and resident needs. It’s also the last month to donate an extra .5% of your purchase (at no extra cost to you!) through AmazonSmile!

Hospitality House's list of needed donations for February, 2023.

Click above to enlarge and print!

January 2023 Donations Needed

Happy New Year! We hope that your year is full of health, hope, and joy. Thank you for standing by our side in 2022 and being part of our resident’s journeys!

Hospitality House plans to serve many more individuals in need in 2023, and we can’t do that without you. Please check out this month’s donations needed list to help us continue providing home, health, and hope to women experiencing homelessness!

December Donations Needed

While Santa’s elves are hard at work preparing for another Christmas, the ladies of Hospitality House are busy making calls to apartment complexes, checking wait lists twice, and hoping to find a home for Christmas. We ho-ho-hope that in between decking your halls and getting holly jolly, you can find the time to check our December Donations Needed list to provide our ladies with a little extra comfort and joy!

Pop over to Amazon and shop our Needs List from home. You can have donations delivered directly to Hospitality House. Go to:

Alternatively, you can buy your Amazon purchases through Amazon smile, which will make direct monetary donations to Hospitality House. Find our more about this here:

Download our Donations Needed list below: