September Donations Needed

“When you give from the heart, your heart grows!” -Current Resident

It can be easy to forget that your donations are going to real people, real women who need your help. That’s why we ask our residents for a quote monthly that we can add to our donations needed list; it’s a way to connect you directly to the women you’re helping. Everything you send to Hospitality House is for our current and future clients, and there’s nothing sweeter than being able to give a woman the right hairbrush for their hair type , or a sweatshirt that fits just right. More often than not, we’re met with a happy dance when we hand a resident an item she requested! The above quote was given by a resident who was gifted with a wax for her hair. She was provided with the exact product and brand she requested only days after she asked for it. She explained that she needed it to be able to prepare for her job interview with confidence-a job interview which she nailed!

Each donation stands for so much: rest, joy, comfort, peace, empathy, trust, and so much more. Your donations provide that, and we can never thank you enough for it!

Please view the September Donations Needed list below and see if there’s a need you can meet. Remember, once an item is purchased from our wish list in the quantity needed, it disappears from the list.

**If you’d like to gift Hospitality House with a little extra at no cost to you, you can make purchases through and select Hospitality House as your chosen organization.

Download a copy of the list below: