May Donations Needed List 2021

With May comes Mother’s Day, which can sometimes be a challenging time for our women who are away from their children. For many mothers at Hospitality House, their children are a motivator for improvement and hard work. Regaining custody and building trust can be a long and challenging journey, requiring patience and perseverance. Our mothers, and our women work hard to improve their situations, but they cannot get to where they desire without your help and support. It is you who helps the mother get a bus pass to see her daughter for their visit. And it is you who provides toiletries to the women without a penny to her name who spent two-weeks on the streets without a place to lay her head. Your support and your donations are invaluable.  To continue to support Hospitality House by purchasing needs items, check out our May Donations Needed List!

If sending donations from home via amazon is more your speed, check out our Amazon wish list at: