May Donations Needed 2022

Happy May! This month’s Donations Needed list got a big update. We asked for a lot of personal supplies like makeup, body wash, and vitamins over the last couple of months, and our donors showed up and showed out! Knocking those off the list meant we could make room for more house oriented needs, like a new broom, a counter organizer for the bathroom (9 residents means we need to be creative with storage space!), and surge protectors to replace some of our older ones.

The Donations Needed list gets tweaked throughout the month and is based off of asks from our residents, things staff or volunteers see a need for, and just things that have maybe seen better days, like our silverware drawer organizer. It takes such a weight off knowing we don’t have to worry about running to the store to get paper towels because we were out, or groceries because some of our residents haven’t received their food stamps yet. It gives staff and volunteers the ability to focus fully on meeting the needs of our residents on a more emotional, mental, personal level. Best of all, it means our residents know they’re supported by their community-the people they pass in the grocery store or meet at the bus stop.

Thank you for your continued support and for giving our ladies a place to call home. We couldn’t do this without you!

Please feel free to shop our Amazon wishlist or your favorite retailer; you can even have your items delivered directly to us so you don’t have to leave home!

If you’d like to gift Hospitality House with a little extra at no cost to you, you can make purchases through and select Hospitality House as your chosen organization. Find out more here.