January Donations Needed 2022

Happy New Year! We made it through 2021-another year of masking, ever changing mandates, missing our friends and family, and worrying about what the future holds. How lucky are we, though, to have spent another year supporting each other and our community! Hospitality House would like to thank everyone for their extreme generosity this past year and holiday season. Our office volunteers donated their time to ensure our ladies could stay safe and warm during “snowmageddon,” our meal coordinators and providers delivered delicious homemade stews, salads, cookies, and casseroles, our overnight volunteers ensured our ladies had everything they needed for a good night’s rest, and our donors provided our current and future residents with all of their daily essentials.

Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2021. You gave all of our residents something they could count on during such unprecedented times. That stability and that hope makes a world of difference.

Below you can find our need list for this month. We know everyone has given so much already, but with a new year comes new challenges, new needs, and new residents. Please consider meeting these needs so we can give our ladies something else to look forward to and depend on in 2022.

We understand that it might be easier and safer to shop from home. We would like to invite you to check out our Needs List on Amazon, and have your donations delivered directly to Hospitality House.

If you’d like to gift Hospitality House with a little extra at no cost to you, you can make purchases through smile.amazon.com and select Hospitality House as your chosen organization. Find out more here.