Get Ready to GiveBig on May 3, 2016

GiveBig is a one-day event and a fantastic opportunity to give to Hospitality House. Thanks to the Seattle Foundation, every gift through our online giving profile will be STRETCHED by the Seattle Foundation in order to maximize its impact!

Homelessness is unfortunately on the rise.  The 2016 one night count found at least 4,505 men, women, and children were without shelter, an increase of 19% over those found without shelter last year.  Hospitality House helps women who would otherwise be on the street or in a car.

Your gift helps us provide lifesaving shelter, food and case management services every night of the year.

Three ways YOU can join us!

  1. Mark your calendar for May 3, 2016 and bookmark this giving link. Join us!
  2.  Please make a donation to support us on Tuesday, May 3, 2016. If you can’t participate on May 3, you can give early here!
  3. Help us spread the word! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Share and repost our giving page and your stories with the hashtags #GiveBIG, #GiveBigHH and #iGiveLocal to see the nationwide buzz.