Employee Spotlight – Bianca Harding

Bianca has been our Day Case Manager at Hospitality House since November 2017.  She answered a job posting on Craigslist and when she was hired, she discovered that her cousin was involved with providing nightly meals through her church and found she also knew one of the other volunteers!

Bianca grew up in East Los Angeles and attended California State University, Los Angeles.  Bianca retired after 30 years from Seattle Central College in 2015 where she was an Administrative Assistant for a Dean in the Information Resource Services Center.  In addition to overseeing the day to day operations of the library, computer center and copy center, Bianca also assisted the Dean with accreditation issues and other bigger projects.  She dabbled in everything including payroll, human resources and bookkeeping.

Bianca’s own words best illustrate what she brings in the way of support and understanding to Hospitality House:

“I was pleasantly surprised at the care and attention each client is given.  The staff and volunteers are amazing and the residents here are treated with dignity and respect.

I am very inspired and filled with joy when our residents meet a goal.  When they walk in the door they are facing so many obstacles.  Just having a safe place to lay their heads is sometimes all that is needed to motivate them to fulfill their goals in life.

I have faced situations of homelessness.  I have faced tragedy, heartache, loss–common human experiences.  But, I have always had the support of other friends and family, something many of our residents do not have.  I want to love and support those facing adversity.”

Bianca’s long term goal is to continue working at HH and to learn and grow in all aspects of her life.  We are so happy to have Bianca at Hospitality House!