Donations Needed September 2021

While we busily prep for our Walk for the Women Fundraiser, the women of Hospitality House are diligently working with their case managers to find housing. This current group loves to work together. They share resources with one another and share insightful tips on how to be successful with goals. It is always heart-warming to see how the women can have such compassion for one another. These women deserve a space to feel safe and at home while they work on their goals. One way we help the women feel at home is by providing them with basic necessities like toiletries. Below you will find our Donations Needed List for the month of September. If you’d like to support our women by helping them feel at home, purchasing items from the Donations Needed List is always a great place to start.

Or pop over to Amazon and shop our Needs List from home! You can have donations delivered to the shelter without leaving your perch. Go to:

Alternatively, you can buy your Amazon purchases through Amazon smile, which will make direct monetary donations to Hospitality House. Find our more about this here: