August Donations Needed 2022

Dependable, compassionate, empathetic, generous, hospitable, INCREDIBLE! That’s how we describe our donors. Each month without fail, we share our needs and begin receiving donations from our list within mere days! Last month, you provided our residents with brand new summer pajamas to stay cool, skincare to help them feel confident, nutritious foods, supplies to help keep their home clean, and so much more. Thank you for being the community they can count on month after month!

Below is our new Donations Needed list for August. Remember, once an item is purchased from our wish list in the quantity needed, it disappears from the list. Let’s aim for an empty wish list this month and show our residents how much they’re cared for!

**If you’d like to gift Hospitality House with a little extra at no cost to you, you can make purchases through and select Hospitality House as your chosen organization.

Download the list below: