2016 Walk for Women

Walk for the Women, on Saturday, September 17,  had 60 dedicated walkers, who showed up despite the rain & wind. The blustery weather gave our walkers a preview of what life is like for some of our residents before coming to Hospitality House. Each year, our program offers 80 women a safe home & case management support, so that they can focus on their goals and ultimately find stable housing.
The success of the Walk comes directly from friends of the House working hard to spread the mission of our organization & asking the community to support us in it. We are so grateful and inspired by your dedication to housing and supporting women!
Each year, the Hospitality House recognizes the three Walk fundraisers who collect the most donations from their friends & family. Prince of Peace Lutheran, represented by Eileen Severns, came in 1st place, bringing in over $2,800! 2nd place was earned by St. Francis of Assisi, represented by Fr. Hayatsu, who raised $2,300. Next, coming in 3rd place, was John Know Presbyterian Church represented by Joanie Brown, who collected $2,245.  Wow – can you believe that!

Hospitality House is also very thankful for our Walk Sponsors:

Our Sprinter Sponsors: Group Heath & the Exchange Club of Highline
Trekker Sponsors: Biz to Biz Normandy Park/Des Moines Chapter, Coldwell Banker – Danforth in the Community, & Collins Chiropractic
Strider Sponsors: Linn, Schisel& Demarco PS, Dermatology of Seattle, Karen Ussery Photography & Peggy Meyer
Stroller Sponsors: Ms. Elaine Chang, Nancy L. Sorensen – Attorney at Law, Special Products Co., Solveig Lodge #31- Daughter of Norway & Jasmin Yantes
As you know, opening Hospitality House 16 years ago required support from our entire south King County community. Without the help from thousands of volunteers, many churches and organizations, plenty of local businesses & countless elected officials and donors – our women’s shelter would not be able to provide our invaluable services.

Our Walk for the Women reminded Hospitality House how beholden we are to all of you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Employee Spotlight: Sheenah Randolph

Sheenah Randolph, who currently serves as the Program Manager for Hospitality House, was hired in April 2011 as a part time shelter staff member.  Over time she assumed more and more responsibility until she became Program Manager in 2014.
The Program Manager works with residents and volunteers to ensure that program requirements are met and that resources are used effectively.  She builds and maintains relationships with and works collaboratively with other agencies and organizations in the community in the interest of best serving the needs of the residents of Hospitality House.sr-1

In her early 20’s, Sheenah signed on for two years of National Service with the AmeriCorps program.  The experience deeply impacted her by highlighting the importance of working within the community to make a difference in the world.

Sheenah knows that homelessness can happen to anyone.  Prior to coming to work at Hospitality House she was off work for two years dealing with major spine/back issues.  Sheenah spent many days undergoing physical therapy, taking yoga, and having chiropractic treatments in hopes of improving her health. She believes that had she not been fortunate enough to have an amazing support system, she could have easily ended up homeless herself.sr-2

Sheenah completed the University of Washington, Tacoma, Non-Profit Management Certificate Program in June 2016.  The program included classes on a wide range of topics including finance, grant writing, board governance and employment law and was designed to take theory and apply it in a practical sense.  Through this training, she feels that she has already been able to implement different ways of organizing information and has found more effective ways to communicate with the Hospitality House staff, residents, volunteers and community partners.

One thing Sheenah loves about her work is that it keeps her grounded and keeps things in perspective. While it is human to focus on trivial things at times, she notes that because she works with women that often have nothing it is easy to remember to be grateful for all she has.  Her most favorite thing is sharing the joy with a resident when she reports that she has found transitional or permanent housing!

Sheenah would love for Hospitality House to have its own facility that not only provides emergency shelter but has the resources for a transitional housing program in the interest of providing longer term stability for homeless women in south King County.


Walk for Women Registration

The Walk for Women is Saturday September 17, 2016 


Join Hospitality House at our annual Walk for the Women fundraiser!

September 17, 2016 at 10:00am in Burien Town Square.

An easy 2-mile walk through the heart of downtown Burien.
For walkers of every sort: families, kids and well-behaved dogs!
Prizes, music and the fun of the Burien Health Fair.

Have you registered?  Print your registration and start gathering sponsors:

Walk for the Women 2016_REGISTRATION

Walk for the Women 2016

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday September 17, 2016 is the Walk for Women 


Join Hospitality House at our annual Walk for the Women fundraiser!

September 17, 2016 at 10:00am in Burien Town Square.

An easy 2-mile walk through the heart of downtown Burien.
For walkers of every sort: families, kids and well-behaved dogs!
Prizes, music and the fun of the Burien Health Fair.

If you are interested in sponsoring the event or know someone who is, please print and return the forms below:

HH 2016 Walk for the Women Sponsor Form

HH 2016 Walk for the Women Sponsor Letter

Deanna’s Story


For the last sixteen years, Deanna has either been unstably housed or homeless.  Deanna abused drugs for most of her adult life and explained this is what primarily lead to the first ten years of her instability.  Deanna was in and out of jail, staying in motels, and explained the uncertainty in her life didn’t bother her because she was so deep in her addiction.

Deanna’s last criminal conviction led to a lengthy sentence.  Deanna explained she had a lot of time to contemplate her life and committed herself to making changes.   Deanna sought out mental health treatment and began actively working with a therapist. She completed a chemical dependency program in 2010 and has been sober ever since.  She explained that while she was sober, finding housing was difficult because of her criminal history, poor credit, and having a low income.

Deanna stayed with her adult daughter for five years. Deanna didn’t have a room and wasn’t on the lease. Deanna explained while she was able to help with rent, she always felt like a burden.  When her daughter decided to move, Deanna didn’t have anywhere to go.

Deanna came to Hospitality House with a strong determination to continue down the positive path she was taking. Deanna attended therapy, mental health & sobriety groups, and chemical dependency counseling regularly.  She explained that even though she had been sober for six years, she needed ongoing support because she was breaking a lifetime of addiction. Hospitably House provided Deanna with the support and structure she needed to stay on course.  She had ongoing case management services and onsite counseling.  She participated in workshops and immediately incorporated her new found skills into her daily life.  It is safe to say Deanna’s confidence and self-esteem grew immensely during her stay.

Deanna had applied for a housing voucher in 2010.  Just after she entered our program, she found out she approved. Deanna was anxious about looking for an apartment.  She wasn’t sure the best way to organize her search or how to present herself in a favorable light.  Deanna worked closely with Hospitality House staff and received guidance willingly.  She spent countless hours researching and calling apartments.  Her diligence paid off because for the first time in sixteen years she had the keys to her own apartment and complete independence.

Get Ready to GiveBig on May 3, 2016

GiveBig is a one-day event and a fantastic opportunity to give to Hospitality House. Thanks to the Seattle Foundation, every gift through our online giving profile will be STRETCHED by the Seattle Foundation in order to maximize its impact!

Homelessness is unfortunately on the rise.  The 2016 one night count found at least 4,505 men, women, and children were without shelter, an increase of 19% over those found without shelter last year.  Hospitality House helps women who would otherwise be on the street or in a car.

Your gift helps us provide lifesaving shelter, food and case management services every night of the year.

Three ways YOU can join us!

  1. Mark your calendar for May 3, 2016 and bookmark this giving link. Join us!
  2.  Please make a donation to support us on Tuesday, May 3, 2016. If you can’t participate on May 3, you can give early here!
  3. Help us spread the word! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Share and repost our giving page and your stories with the hashtags #GiveBIG, #GiveBigHH and #iGiveLocal to see the nationwide buzz.